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Comment to News North (en anglais)

Yellowknife, February 4th 2010


Mr Editor, News North Journal


I would like to bring to your attention the article published on Monday, February 1st, 2010 of the News North.

We have been rather astonished by the comments made in the article titled "Changes are coming" on page 9 of your Newspaper. You might have missed the comment suggesting that our Prime Minister and we quote: "...should refrain from speaking in french. It is embarassing to watch the president and dignitaries squirm in their seats. They think it's a joke, this French thing in Canada."

As far as the French community is concerned in Canada, we are proud to witness our Prime Minister Harper to address in both Official Languages in most if not all his official appearances in international representation. We gather the Prime Minister is then affirming clearly the status of our National linguistic duality with French and English being a positive and atractive asset to our country.

We should be very glad to pass on this richness and greeting to newcomers in our open and bilingual dynamic country.


Richard Létourneau


NWT Francophone Federation

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